TORC constantly reinvents the concept of fine dining with a chef-driven approach and undeniable passion.


Walk into TORC and you might notice the music. It's rock & roll, blues, or soul, and it's undeniably on. You might notice the energy — it's high. And you'll definitely notice the bar. It's busy serving well-made cocktails and pouring rare wines we're proud to say you probably won't find anywhere else by the glass. There are no white tablecloths, no dabbing the corners of your mouth. No pomp, but lots of circumstance. And perhaps the only reason you’ll notice the aforementioned is because you haven't tasted the food. That's when the music fades into the background. 

As Wine Curator and Chef, Sean O’Toole and his wife Cynthia are proud to be 'dismantling' the fine dining experience, replacing it with a sophisticated yet relaxed evening that doesn't break the bank. It's the best of both worlds, yet the food is their finest accomplishment to date. Inspired by what's great, grown at local farms, foraged and fished by friends, or produced and harvested by like-minded individuals, TORC is literally never the same place twice. 

After over 15 years in the most highly regarded restaurants in the U.S. & Europe, the couple has finally found their home with TORC. With a love for Napa, a deep appreciation for each ingredient and a thirst for unique and thoughtful wine, cocktail and beer offerings, they hope that their passion is palpable in every plate, sip and bite. TORC isn't just dinner. It's a feast for all of your senses, a lively conversation. It's a night. It's TORC. Settle in.


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