Texas Spotlight: Local pastas with a pop of color

A trip to La Table can serve many purposes: a morning coffee and pastry at Macarons, a weekend brunch on the patio of Marche, a celebratory dinner at Chateau – and now, tucked into the corner of Macarons, guests of La Table will also be able to find inspiration for their next homemade dinner, with a selection of artisanal dry pastas from Tavola Pasta.

Made locally in Houston, Texas, Tavola uses local organic wheat to create a variety of artisan pastas. Made by the traditional Italian method, the pasta is extruded through bronze dyes for a rustic surface and then dried at low temperatures. The result is pasta that has maintained its nutritional value with a delightful al dente texture and bite, that allows for sauces, ragu and other accompaniments to cling to the pasta, allowing for your most crave-worthy pasta dish yet!
With four distinct shapes, the pastas pair perfectly with the bounty of local, seasonal vegetables that Texas has to offer, as well as meats and homemade and store-bought sauces. Take a closer look at each shape for quick, easy ideas on how to prepare your next pasta dish.

Casarecce: Italian for “homemade,” casarecce pasta is long, twisted and narrow in shape, curling in on itself in a way that makes it ideal for thick sauces, such as a veal ragu, with delicious success. This shape is also often used for oven-baked dishes, such as an elegant take on mac and cheese.

Conchiglie: Named after their shell-like shape, this pasta pairs best with light tomato sauces, ricotta cheese or pesto Genovese, given that the grooves on the pasta’s tiny exterior encourage sauces to hold on tight.

Gnocchetti Sardi: Originally from Sardinia, the Mediterranean island located west of the Italian coast, these smaller versions of gnocchi are best served with bold meat-based red sauces.

Lumache: Sold in two bold flavors, porcini mushroom and beet, lumache are the perfect excuse to stay in and cook up a comforting, three-cheese sauce topped with toasted breadcrumbs.

Hungry yet? Head to La Table to pick up your own box of Tavola Pasta!